Loving Lee – Tribute to Peggy Lee

“It’s hard to be the boss and still be a lady.” Peggy LeeJane Blackstone's Tribute to Peggy Lee

Feel the joy as Jane & Steve celebrate the life, lyrics and arranging talents of the boss!Jane-Steve

Steve was one of Ms. Lee’s favorite accompanists. His extraordinary talent plus Jane’s captivating vocals showcase Ms. Lee’s classics from the sunny “It’s a Good Day” to a sultry burning “Fever”. Steve’s recol¬≠lections of his four years on the road with one of the most influ¬≠ential jazz vocalists of all time completes the tribute.

Peggy Lee was, indeed, one of the most creative first ladies of 20th Century American Music. You, too, will be “Loving Lee … ”

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Then was Then (Jane Blackstone and Steve Blum)

Dream Dancing